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At SOURCE we believe that truly game-changing products begin with recognizing a user’s “pain points”. Through careful observational research and interviews we can help focus your project goals to create meaningful and insightful solutions. We also believe that imagery can be used to quickly evaluate the market landscape as well as gain inspiration. Therefore, we create private Competitive and Comparative Pinterest boards using imagery from store visits or internet browsing that can help to quickly narrow down to a desired aesthetic and functional direction.


At SOURCE we love to provide support for all of your front-end creative needs. Whether that is engaging in stimulating brainstorm sessions or quickly generating beautiful concept imagery, we have the power to quickly realize and mold your ideas into believable and jaw dropping product concepts.


Prototype early and often. At SOURCE, we know that the most successful projects move out of the digital world and into the physical world as quickly as possible. We are, after all, in the business of designing physical products. Through the use of powerful CAD modeling programs and rapid prototyping, we can quickly generate 3D printed models of your designs, or send you the 3D data directly. We also employ a system for creating photo-realistic renderings of that data so that you can see your final concepts without the need for creating costly show models.


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